Saturday, November 7, 2015

Module 11: An Egg is Quiet

Book Summary: With various illustrations of dozens and dozens of egg types next to informational text, this book gives a multitude of information about different eggs and why they are the way they are.

APA Reference: Aston, D. (2006). An egg is quiet. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books.

Impressions: A superficial though fascinating look at the different types of eggs, An Egg is Quiet is an informational picture book for almost any age. There is not much depth or function to it outside of learning different egg styles and reasons behind it, along with what animals go with which eggs. 

Professional Review: This beautifully illustrated introduction to eggs resembles pages drawn from a naturalist's diary. The text, scrolled out in elegant brown ink, works on two levels. Larger print makes simple observations that, read together, sound almost like poetry: "An egg is quiet. . . . An egg is colorful. An egg is shapely." On each spread, words in smaller print match up with illustrations to offer more facts about bird and fish eggs across the animal spectrum. The illustrations are too detailed for read-alouds, but there's a great deal here to engage children up close. The succinct text will draw young fact hounds, particularly fans of Steve Jenkins' Biggest, Strongest, Fastest (1995) and his similar titles. Long's illustrations are elegant and simple, and the gallery of eggs, as brilliantly colored and polished as gems, will inspire kids to marvel at animals' variety and beauty. A spread showing X-ray views of young embryos growing into animal young makes this a good choice for reinforcing concepts about life cycles.

Engberg, G. (2006). An Egg is Quiet (Book). [Review of the book An Egg is Quiet, by Dianna Aston]. Booklist, 102(16), 48.

Library Uses: This book would be used for younger kids branching them over from picture books to non-fiction.

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